Owl Rare

Yoga tour Pt 1

Owl Rare
Yoga tour Pt 1

I recently got back from a 2 week long Hip focused workshop tour and It truly opened my eyes. Not only to the energy of new beginnings but to the endless possibilities presented when living on the road. For my first tour I decided to start off slow. Well…to be honest, I wanted to tour all the way up to Maine, yet I have wonderful friends who encouraged me to start off a bit slower. Instead, I ventured to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and DC. I don’t have a car at the moment, but one of my best friends, Rain, offered me theirs while they ventured off to Peru for a few weeks!

My first stop of the tour was Baltimore and I was kind of skeptical at first. I didn’t really know what to think of this city but I was nervous and excited to check it out. I stopped in DC on my way up from Richmond and met my future hosts Elise and her wonderful partner Sechen. As I first walked up the stairs I was waved in by prayer flags and a meow from their loving tabby cat. I was so nervous to just show up as I made the decision to stop last minute, but I followed my gut and ignored my fears. I was welcomed in with open arms, the home smelled of sage and the vibe was chill AF. Me and Elise talked for nearly an hour in the kitchen while the kitty purred and played at our feet. I truly couldn’t wait to stop back here after the tour. 


After we chatted I went off to hang some flyers and explored the area, I ran into Faith hunter at Embrace studio and knew I would be back to practice soon. My goal with this tour was to yes promote myself and my yoga, but also to experience other studios and the way that others live in these magic cities. I got to Baltimore around 10:30 PM and was welcomed with Grace. No literally the sweet angel I stayed with was named Grace and her home was beautiful. The tour was Planned with big thanks to Ally who I met at Shensara Festival mid-summer. She was very animate about having me venture up to Baltimore and together we made it a reality! I figured while heading up to Baltimore I might as well make a few more stops along the way! 


It was a long flight of stairs to lug my bags, but no one said it was an easy path to heaven.  I met her partner and we all chatted for hours that night. I arose pretty early the following morning and Baltimore was my oyster for the day. I went to Breakaway yoga studio right outside of Baltimore, where Ally taught an amazing and much needed restorative/Yin Class. That night I taught my donation based Vin-Yin class and the turn out was outstanding. I connected with past students who had taken classes with me at summer festivals and made tons of new connections. The following day was the workshop, although a smaller crowd, I was still really excited to share this workshop with this diverse group of people. After yoga we all went out to eat and go dancing, however we got so stuffed that we skipped out on the dancing and went back to the warehouse. 

The following day I had to part ways with Baltimore and I knew that I would have to return soon. Next, stop was Philly. But you’ll have to tune in for the next blog to hear about the rest of the tour. Lets just say Philly is where things got wild. I didn’t have a place planned to sleep, the city was larger than I expected, and while on the Highway the gas tank was at E yet no gas stations were in clear sight.  More to be disclosed later this week, Thanks for tuning in!

Xoxo 💋,