Owl Rare

Yoga Tour Pt 2

Owl Rare
Yoga Tour Pt 2




The Highway always seems full of gas stations until your tanks on E and your hearts pounding with anxiety. This was me heading to Philly with about 3 hours until the start of my workshop. I was just outside of Baltimore and the electronic meter told me 6 miles to empty. I had to catch my breathe, and my phone was dying; Note: my phone is always dying. So here I am, Dead phone, gas tank about to deplete, 100 Miles from Philly, and 3 hours until my Workshop. 

  I took deep breath and got off the highway at the next exit, it was time for a rouge mission to find gas. Reluctantly, with 3 miles to E, I found a Sunoco with cheap gas and located my phone charger in one of my random suitcases. The universe seems to work in your favor when you need it the most. I took a moment to recenter with gratitude and the open road was mine for the taking. T-Minus two and a half hours until my yoga workshop starts and the GPS says two hours until I get to Philly. 

Okay, so lets back track a bit because I’m skipping a few things. While in Baltimore I needed desperately to find a host in Philadelphia. I posted on Couch-surfing not knowing that it was Ironically one of Philadelphias “gayest” weekends of the year, Out fest. I found an Airbnb and anxiously made the payments without even registering where it was located; Bear, DE, about an hour commute from Philadelphia!  


When I made this realization, I nearly fell over with desperation asking myself, “Was adding Philly to the tour last minute a bad idea?” Within minutes, I gave in and conjured the ability to ask for help and made a public post on facebook about my situation.  A half hour flew by and my distant friend Edge, well-known QTPOC New Orleans Dj,(https://soundcloud.com/edgeslayer) connected me with a friend in West Philly.  A sense of relief flowed through my veins like Novocaine, Philadelphia was mine for the taking. 

I made plans to arrive at the space I’d be staying in, but with 35 minutes until class started, I told my Philly host that I had stop by after class. Ironically, the place I was staying at was walking distance from where my workshop was held. I arrived slightly flustered but ready to go. At first I didn’t think anyone would come but people started to slowly make their way in! I had only 3 students, but it felt like a big success for me. I did all the marketing and outreach on my own and I didn’t know a soul in Philadelphia. 

After class, I made plans to go out on the town with one of the students, Amanda, who become a really good friend in such a short time. I headed out to of the studio chatting it up and full of smiles. Amanda was under the impression that I would be in touch after I touched base with My host. I had no idea the night would turn out the way it did. Lets just say I was lost on the interstate at night, My phone had died, my charger was lost, and I was as hungry as a mountain bear in spring. This was when the tour started to really get interesting. More to be posted later this week, thanks for tuning in! 

Xoxo 💋,