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Adventures with Owl
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public classes

Updated: 11/3/2019

Hosting 8:30 AM Breathe and Flow Wednesdays at Studio 34 in West Philadelphia and 7 AM Early morning practice on Thursdays!

Drop ins: $6* Thursday $12 Wednesday Free mat rentals

Register online:

Hosting 5:45 PM vinyasa @ City fitness on Thursdays Downtown (EM) and hosting 7 PM vinyasa at City fitness Downtown (EM)

Register online: These classes are exclusive to City fitness members only. to check out or try the gym to get into a class heres the link :

Hosting YIN classes every Thursday evening @ 8:55 PM at Flaunt Fitness in South Philadelphia

We advise that all students arrive 5 mins early to ensure that class can start and end on time! All Current classes are 1 hour long!

Drop-ins: $15 Free mat rentals

Register online:

Pro tip: Search Groupon for discounted class pass @ Flaunt fitness

5 or 10 Pole-Dancing or Fitness Classes at Flaunt Fitness (Up to 61% Off)

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow: (City Fitness)

In this Mid-intensity class, we focus deeply on sun salutations, alignment cues, and breathe work. Part of the focus is als on wrist protection, inversions, shoulder opening, hand placement, and the hips. This class is all levels. Modifications and amplifications will be provided for each posture. Generally a start with a tradition grouping wrist and sequence, followed by postures that encourage the growth of a solid foundation. From the ground up we will fearlessly grow to achieve more and reach unprecedented heights.

YIN: (Flaunt Fitness)

A gentle class with focus on the breathe and connecting to the earth element of grounding. Focus on hips, internal organs, bones, joints, and the mind. A meditative practice designed to offer the practitioner space to breathe and find a “home” in each posture. This practice is the perfect balance to any yang or active persons lifestyle. If you are looking to build flexibility, strength, and a deeper connection to all your daily tasks, YIN is the class for you!

Early Morning Practice: (Studio 34)

 Vigorous align-and-flow style classes to wake you up and get you going and flowing into the rest of your day.

Breathe and Flow: (Studio 34)

With a focus on breath and feeling, this class offers accessible alignment cues to engage any yogi. In addition to asana, classes include opportunities for pranayama and meditation. All bodies are welcome.