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Updated: 4/26/2019

Hosting classes every Saturday morning @ 9AM at Flaunt Fitness in South Philadelphia,

We advise that all students arrive 5-10 mins early to ensure that class can start and end on time! All Current classes are 1 hour long!

Drop-ins: Sliding scale $15

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Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow:


In this Mid-intensity class we will redefine what it means to fly. Focus on wrist protection, inversions, shoulder opening, hand placement, hips and much more. This class is all levels however a regular Asana practice is recommended. Modifications and amplifications will be provided for each hand/arm balance posture. We will start off with a unique wrist and shoulder opening sequence, followed by grounding postures that help to build a solid foundation. From the ground up we will fearlessly fly to unprecedented heights.