Location: Waimea Canyon, Kaua’i, Hawai’i

Location: Waimea Canyon, Kaua’i, Hawai’i


 This website was created to showcase my adventures with you all.  Get ready for posts on cuisine, mindfulness, culture, travel, queerness, love, entrepreneurship, and chasing your dreams.  The main focus is" how we can better ground ourselves for the shifty moments of life whilst lifting ourselves during the downfalls"? I use to think I had total control over what happened in my life, but having addiction in the family lodged the serenity prayer directly into my frontal lobe. I for one am not religious, never could live with the idea that I would burn in hell for loving another man, whilst men who kill other men are revered and viewed with the most praise in monuments and statues. I view myself as a spiritual and conscious being floating through the endless possibilities of the universe;  striving to leave solely footprints of love, kindness, truth, and strength behind me.  Now that you can "see" my soul, let me express to you my ego.

      I am a 25 year old queer non-binary person of color currently living in Philadelphia!  I specialize in Event hosting, naturopathic skincare, nutrition, yoga, and much more. I have received my Level 1 Herbalist studies certification at Farmacy herbs in Rhode island, and received my  200-hr RYT Certification at The Yoga Dojo in Richmond, Virginia. Adventures with Owl will not only strengthen your body and mind, but will also show you how life is viewed through my queer black eyes. Pack your bags and enjoy the ride!



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location: Downtown Philadelphia

location: Downtown Philadelphia

“When asked to define my yogic philosophy years ago, I would have felt like a cat against a wall, my fears barking at me like a dog as I shiver and shake. The truth is that my yogic philosophy is constantly transforming as I develop into my late twenties. I have learned to take every reading with a grain of salt, each teaching as a tool to facilitate growth, and each day as a gift to practice and find what works for me. A way of life that I’ve felt the most resonance, is that of the bodhisattvas in the Bhagavad Gita; to live my life to serve others so that they may reach enlightenment.

In life, even when we try to live it to the the highest good, we are surrounded by difficulties and adversity. Something that I have been working on is my ability to trust and forgive. I have learned not only to trust and forgive others, but to trust and forgive myself. Before I adopted this philosophy, I walked around with the weight of the world on my shoulders and blocked out self-love and love from others. My world was surrounded by sorrow and confusion, My philosophy was fuck it all.

When I finally had enough suffering and developed my yoga practice, my philosophy began to shift on its own. I learned that the world was not against me, but that I was against my own ability to succeed. My yogic philosophy is now defined as treating others as I would like to be treated. The path of learning how I would like to be treated is still underdeveloped, however I feel that as I grow into my true self the path becomes more clear. The way that I treat myself and others is with unconditional love, non-attachment, respect, and non-judgement. These are the four main principles of my yogic philosophy.

I would like to further assess these four principals in my own words and with my own meanings. Unconditional love is defined as love without attachment or conditions. To love someone for who they are, at their best, at their worst, at their strongest, and at their weakest. Non-attachment is defined as knowing that when a person, place, or thing is no longer in our lives, that we are okay, steady, and able to live a fulfilling and fruitful life. With the understanding that the things we feel attached to are never separate from us because all things are connected. Respect is defined as consideration for others and oneself and being courteous in all actions and reactions. Lastly, non-judgement is defined as observing others and your own actions with an open and compassionate mind.

Overtime, I have found that my yogic philosophy is constantly transforming as I develop into my true self. I believe that as I continue to to live my life to serve others, that others will learn to live their lives to serve those around them as well. This is not for the sole purpose of my own enlightenment, but so that others may reach enlightenment as well. With the traits of loving unconditionally, living with non-attachment, respect, and non-judgement, I believe that enlightenment can be facilitated by anyone and offered by all.”