Owl Rare

Love, Polyamory, & Trust

Owl Rare
Love, Polyamory, & Trust

The phone just keeps ringing and my body is too drained to even attempt to answer the call. It’s a text message stating the world is actually ending and not to panic. I take a deep breathe and count down from three…two…one love, is not really a thing to me anymore. I have transformed like a moth and there will be no more silk for you.  I have opened my heart more freely now, but open love brought broken realities.  The feelings that I have for you, I can have for anyone, yet that is not beautiful to you. Why? Do you only love the color red? Do you not love anything else as much as your favorite color? Is it normal to love one thing and then another? What if the universe only adored one galaxy, how the others would parish from neglect! What if the farmer only loved one plant, how his crops would dwindle.



            We are a fractal of the whole, experiencing the whole, so should we experience the whole freely? Or do you let your fixed beliefs swallow you up like the ocean swallows up boats and ships. Like quicksand, in the jungle devouring all who fall into its path with motion, steadiness and gravity.  Free yourself for you have put your soul in quicksand, yet acknowledge that not all can love so freely. Recognize that not all are meant for this way of life, until they are fully okay with themselves. For fear must stem from insecurity and attachment. What if we let it all go and go with the flow?  



I confirm that I trust that within my being is more then meets the eye.
I encompass the entirety of the universe and all of its parts within me.
I am the unlimited supply and I trust in my ability to believe this to be true.
For I feel it in my very being.
For it is my very being.
The universe is full of unlimited supply of trust.
I have this unlimited supply of trust within myself.
Therefore, I trust in myself.
I love myself.
Therefore, I trust myself.
 I love myself therefore I trust my abilities.
I love therefore I trust.
For Love takes trust in being vulnerable.
I have been vulnerable.
Therefore I have trusted in myself.
 I trust in my ability to give love.
 I trust in my ability to receive love.
I trust in my ability to detach from everything and attach to nothing.
For I am everything therefore there is nothing to be attached to.
For all things are already attached and I do not need to worry.
I let go of all worries and am worry free.
I trust myself fully now.
 I love myself fully now.
What the universe has within it I have within me.
For the universe has an unlimited supply.
Therefore, I have an unlimited supply.
For the universe and my being are not separate from each other.
They are integral and a reflection of each other.