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Looking to get into yoga for the first-time but don't want the pressure of being in a group setting? Have any injuries or ailments that need special one-on-one attention? Looking to connect deeper into your practice with precision and detail? Private sessions with Owl would be great for you! With the holistic approach we dive deep into eating habits, sleep cycles, stress levels, and ways to incorporate mindfulness into each and everyday! Sessions are sliding scale for low income folks and rates are set per hour.

Sessions last 60mins

Session Pricing:

With a goal to make yoga accessible to all, price ranges are suggested payments for services. Be advised, no one will be denied yoga due to income/inability to pay. I offer flexible payment plans!

      Yearly income              Average pricing per hour        

$0 - $5,000     $25

 $5,000 - $15,000   $25-40

 $15,000 - $30,000  $45-55

 $35,000 - $50, 000 $60-80

 $50,000 - $75,000  $85-100

 $75,000 - $100,000  $105-120

 $100,000+ $120-200


Referral deal 50 % off income based session per hour for sessions, 1 offer for each new client you refer (can be used for 60 min sessions only in person/skype)

Weekly intensives

Hey there its Owl! I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to check out the site! It has always been a dream of mine to be able to offer the benefits and healing of yoga in a way that’s affordable and accessible to anyone. anywhere. I have designed a specialized six and twelve week intensive program that strategically works for you. The goal? To pave a way to the gentle loving creature of who you truly are and to facilitate discovery of the various paths available to you that that will take you deeper into your practice. Not only do I offer weekly support; but also nutritional coaching, sustainable recipes, and a deeper understanding to the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of yoga via crystals, chakras, mantra, and Bandas.

How it works

The first week we will meet for three-four sessions and each session will be designed for your needs. this will be mainly based on the information we go over during the initial consultation. The first week is also the preparation for your cleanse, where we slowly work our way up the ladder into your goal lifestyle.

From there, together we curate a six-twelve week program for you to follow with food choices, quick and easy recipes, one-on-one support, & better cheat options (because we all have needs whether sweet or savory).


3 week trials are offered at the price of $200-300 with a $75 non-refundable deposit to see if this is a good fit! Refunds are only available until our 3rd session of the first week. Our payment plans help to make Adventures with Owl accessible to all! pricing is sliding scale and is based on an honors system. An initial down payment of 25% must be made before we start sessions and this is refundable up until our 3rd session of the first week. From there each payment will be broken down into bi-weekly or weekly payments depending on the clients needs.

Intensives and sessions are available for all ages and shapes however if under 18 you must be accompanied by a legal adult/parent/guardian. All payment plans rely on a contract wherein if you do not meet payments/ payments are late , Adventures with owl has the right at anytime to terminate the intensive and the contract. You have the right to end your contract at anytime. Payments are non-refundable including initial deposit, however all future payments will be terminated and you will not be charged. 

6 week intensive

  • $450-$600 investment (6 hours of live private sessions, nutritional guidance, access to recipes, one-on-one support )

    up to $300 in savings*

12 week intensive

  • $900-$1,200 investment (12 hours of private sessions, nutritional guidance, access to recipes, one-on-one support)

    up to $600 in savings*

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